2Checkout Review – Accept Online Payments Easy & Quick

Before you can start selling online you need to be connected to a payment gateway to allow customers to make payments on your store.  This provides them with a safe, secure, and quick way to purchase products that also gives you a convenient way to get paid. Some gateways require a setup fee or recurring subscription but today we’d like to focus on the free payment gateway 2Checkout. If you’re interested in accepting payments on your online store, they make be well worth your time.

Our 2Checkout Review

Launched by Alan Homewood in 1999, 2Checkout has been in business since 2000 supporting over 200+ markets, 8 payment methods, 87 different currencies, 15 languages while used by over 50,000 merchants. Phew, that’s a lot of numbers. You’ll be pleased to hear that they integrate with over 100 shopping cart platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify and other big names. Along with fraud prevention and PCI compliance, the result is a secure and optimized gateway for your online business. Sell Online with 2Checkout
So lets get into the nitty gritty of what this free payment gateway has to offer:

  • Reach: With support available for 87 currencies and 15 languages, you can be selling to customers all over the world. You are not restricted to selling to just a single country or two, but almost the entire world! This means you can capitalize on international traffic to your website.
  • Several payment methods: PayPal, credit card, and debit card are available which gives users many options to choose from depending on their needs. The more options you have, the more potential customers you can satisfy.
  • Don’t worry about fraud: With over 300 anti-fraud rules in place, you don’t have to worry about getting hit by credit card scammers and alike. This is one of the highest levels of security that any payment gateway currently offers.
  • Easy integration: Being able to integrate with over 100 different shopping carts means you can connect your account with your online store instantly. Along with this, you get a hosted checkout that is inline with your branding so your customers are comfortable buying.
  • Recurring billing: If you offer a service or subscription, you’ll be happy to know that 2Checkout offers recurring billing to customers if you require it. This also opens the opportunity for you to create products that utilize a monthly billing system.

One of the best advantages of using 2Checkout is that they are absolutely free! There are no upfront costs or hidden fees that catch you off-guard in the future. You can get your payouts via bank transfer, wire transfer, or on a Payoneer MasterCard if you have one.

If we had to lend some critique though, the first would be the conversion to your home currency which is completed at an average fee of 2-5% above the daily exchange rate. Amounts like that can really add up over time but it is still better than some other gateways. Also when you sell to customers outside of the US, A 1% fee applies to the payment. As well if you ever land yourself in a position where there is a chargeback, you will be billed $20. These are the only real downsides we can think of because they honestly offer an incredible service.

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