Shopify Drop Shipping Guide

Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms to use as a modern day business owner. With professional templates, easy integration, security and more, it’s perfect for all entrepreneurs. Shopify is also excellent for drop shipping so we’re going to teach you how to do it with their platform.

First Things First

If you haven’t taken the time to brainstorm a simple business plan then now is the time to do so. Consider these factors:

  • The name of your business
  • The products you want to sell
  • Who your target demographic is

This will make the rest of the process and design much easier as we go along.

Sign up for their 14 day trial if you haven’t already on Choose from one of their many free themes and give it some customization. Also assure you go through all the various settings and tweak them from the business information to payment options.

Take the time to install apps such as Oberlo and Mailchimp or others that would you find beneficial. Apps help streamline processes and make various tasks less time consuming.


Getting Products

To create a Shopify drop shipping business we of course require products to sell. There are many wholesale websites like Aliexpress you can utilize as a beginner. Better yet, search for local suppliers on Google that sell products you would like to list on your store. Reach out to them and explain you have a e-commerce business you are launching soon and think it would benefit both parties. Typically you would set up a wholesale account with them and can begin selling their products immediately.


After you have your Shopify storefront optimized and products listed, it’s time to get some customers. This is often the most difficult part for entrepreneurs but here are some proven strategies to help you:

  • Social media: There aren’t many better ways to directly reach the consumer than to market on social networks. Sign up for accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. Center them around your business so upload a logo and write an enticing biography. Begin posting your products, promotions, and articles that you write.
  • Email marketing: Still to this day it remains one of the most popular internet marketing techniques. With apps such as Mailchimp, you can begin collecting emails and sending out newsletters in a breeze. Tell your subscribers about new products, discounts, and posts you’ve recently made. Over time this will grow and become a great source of traffic and sales.
  • SEO: If you are not familiar with search engine optimization then it’s wise to learn the basics. Even a small amount of knowledge can make a great impact in your business. Focus your store, products, and copywriting around keywords and it will eventually increase organic traffic. Don’t forget to actively produce articles as this greatly affects how much traffic you receive from the search engines.

To conclude, you should start off by creating a small business plan. From there sign up for Shopify’s free 14 day trial and reach out to suppliers. After listing their products begin marketing using the tactics we described and you’ll see sales rolling. To learn how to create a dropshipping business step-by-step, check out our Shopify drop shipping course here.