Up Your Profits: Best Products To Dropship Right Now

If you’re not making amazing profits then it could very well be your product choice. We have a proven criteria you can follow that will maximize how much you earn and how much ease you experience dropshipping. Apply this while doing your product research and you’re guaranteed better results.

The Product Formula

Products you sell via dropshipping should have all three of these characteristics or at least two at minimum:

  1. Non organic: Products that are organic run the risk of decomposing and being ruined during transport. Since holding and managing the inventory is out of your control it doesn’t go in your favour.
  2. No assembly required: A product that works right out of the box is preferred. Customers will be more likely to purchase and less likely to have problems when they receive it. If there are missing or defective parts, it will fall on you then you have to take it up with the supplier.
  3. Good marginsYou should be able to mark up the product generously or it should be a high ticket item which naturally will yield higher profits.

Nothing point to understand is scale versus magnitude. If you are selling a cheap product, odds are you won’t have very high margins. This results in you having to sell more to make respectable revenue. If you are selling a higher priced product and can make more per sale, you have to sell less to earn more. This is why we highly recommend selling higher priced items since it requires less results to make a positive impact.

Good Dropshipping Products

So with that out of the way, we’re sure some of you just want to plain old know some good products to dropship. Here’s a list of items we recommend you check out that follow our criteria:

  • Massage tables
  • Wooden watches
  • Bamboo office items
  • Gaming chairs
  • Gaming glasses
  • Retro furniture
  • Men’s suede footwear
  • Reversible belts
  • Men’s sunglasses
  • Salt lamps
  • Cologne and perfume
  • Mechanical computer keyboards
  • Studio monitor speakers
  • Synthesizer keyboards
  • Electronic skateboards

Thanks for tuning in today, we wanted to make a quick read for you that could give some inspiration on product selection. Now go get hustling!

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