How To Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an incredible way to earn passive income and grow an online business. Once you start to see results it becomes relatively hands-off as the money begins rolling in. Like any business, it can be optimized and improved to generate even better profits. These are some tactics you can implement to make more money with affiliate marketing.

#1 – A/B Split Test Everything

We believe that your business should always have at least a single ongoing A/B split test occurring at any given time. This means that you are guaranteed to be in a state of testing and possibly improving your conversions. For those that are new, split testing simply means to test A variable versus B variable and compare the results. You could split test anything such as:

  • Your navigation.
  • Your homepage design.
  • Your call to action for a newsletter signup.
  • Traffic sources.
  • Content strategies.
  • Plugins/Apps.
  • Page layout.
  • Titles/Headers.
  • Copywriting.

Literally anything you can see on your website can be tested to be improved. Many businesses have made small changes in their copywriting to create huge revenue boosts for example. You never know how your audience may react to a different call to action, design, etc. With affiliate marketing focus on split testing offers, link types, and sales copy.

#2 – Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

If you’re trying to make an affiliate marketing business in a saturated niche, it will be much more difficult and time intensive. The first tip we would advise is making your website more narrow focused to create your own little segment. For example if you wanted to make an investment blog, why not make an investment blog for students? or young entrepreneurs? Take your idea and always fine-tune it down.

Now as well you want to be different in your terms of marketing. Content strategy is going to be one of the biggest factors that make you stand out. When you perform some research on your competitors, what kind of information do you see? Do they mostly post infographics? Long articles? Short posts? Reviews? Take note of this and how you could outdo them. If they are writing approximately 1,000 words per article, you should write 1,250. Use their content as inspiration and always input the extra effort to go above and beyond. In terms of SEO and affiliate marketing, you will be greatly rewarded.

#3 – You’re Not Limited To Just Amazon

Odds are you’re probably in the Amazon’s Associate program and don’t worry, we are too with another business! It’s an incredibly empowering affiliate program that we recommend to everyone, especially beginners. That being said, there are so many more other networks, programs, and offers you should attempt as well. Some of these will yield much higher paying and converting products. Visit Google and search for keywords like:

  • Your niche + “affiliate”
  • Your niche + “affiliate program”

Doing this will result in dozens of programs, offers, and networks to be a part of. Browse through them and apply to the ones that seem worthwhile. Once you get accepted the process is the same as it is for Amazon, you link to products and get paid!

My name is Carmine and I own Mastro Digital, Pierro Shoes, and Wisetech Report. I’m a self published author and full time internet marketer. If you need blog article, e-book or sales copy services please contact me at [email protected]