Infusionsoft vs Salesforce – Ultimate Guide

As your begin to grow your business, your needs grow along with it. Everything from automating your email campaigns, managing customer data, payments, to analytics become more of a hassle. It’s difficult to handle all of these things by your own which is why CRM services exist. Today we will be doing a breakdown of Infusionsoft vs Salesforce to give you further insight on which one to choose.

Infusionsoft vs Salesforce


InfusionsoftComing from humble beginnings, Infusionsoft was first formed under the name eNovasys by Scott and Eric Martineau in 2001. A year later they got their hands on office space and acquired successful entrepreneur Clate Mask. By 2005 they boasted 30 employees, 500 clients and nearly $2 million in revenue. From launching InfusionCon(a small business conference) to getting on the INC. 500 list or receiving millions in Series B financing, Infusionsoft has continually outdone themselves.


Here’s what that their services can do for you:

  • CRM: Easily collect data on your leads from their orders, contact info to brand interaction. You can also segment your contacts based on demographics, payment history and other metrics. Importing is easy if you have an existing list and their support team will guide you through the process. With the Infusion Mobile app you’ll be managing your contacts on the go as well.
  • Marketing automation: Work smarter not harder with their campaign builder tool. With it you can drag-and-drop to create marketing campaigns including landing pages, triggers, automated emails and more.
  • Sales automation: There’s no need to hire a bigger sales team when Infusionsoft can help you close more deals with less resources and work. Lead scoring helps determine your leads likeliness to buy giving you the edge to make more sales. Streamline your sales process with automated follow-ups, revenue reports, and even forecasts.
  • Online sales: E-commerce plays a huge role in many businesses with the world being so digital nowadays. Infusion helps you gain control over your storefront, payment gateways, shopping cart and the entire experience. They also give you flexible tools for promotion.
  • Analytics: If you aren’t collecting data then you are missing out on so many opportunities to improve retention, conversions, sales and other key metrics. Infusionsoft gives you key reports you need on conversions by sales stage, link/email open rates, the best performing campaigns and more.
  • Mobile: The world is mobile. More and more people are getting smartphones, shopping on them and putting trust in these devices. The Infusionsoft app means you can be handling your marketing and tasks where ever you are. There is even mobile payments if you need to bill a client on the spot.  Their landing pages and forms are also optimized for mobile devices which is critical for converting leads.
  • Payments: You can’t generate revenue if you can’t collect payments! With a quick setup, you can start taking payments today on many different platforms.
  • Integrations: From your favourite e-commerce platform to Quickbooks, Infusionsoft integrates with many other tools you’re probably already using which saves you time and energy.


The monthly fee you pay for Infusionsoft’s wide range of services will be dependent on your client base. This means that you don’t have to pay more money than you need to because it scales with your size and features you choose. You can use their pricing calculator here to get an estimate of how much you’ll be dishing out each month.

Customer Service

Infusionsoft has dedicated customer service teams for North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific. They are all accessible through phone, email and livechat to handle any of your questions. This means no matter where you are in the world, they will help you step up your business results.


It’s always nice to try out a product before you invest into it and Infusionsoft agrees. They offer an online demo, live webinar demo and personalized demo depending on your needs.

Get Your infusionsoft Demo


SalesforceCRM solutions originally could only be operated through desktops but Salesforce was one of the pioneers of taking it to Cloud. This gave their customers a more secure and revolutionary way to access it. Founded in 1999, their company is a leading company in the CRM space with over 150,000 satisfied customers. Salesforce has also won awards such as Innovator of the Decade from Forbes and World’s Most Admired Company from Fortune.


If you want to get all of your ducks in a row within a business, this is what Salesforce can do for you:

  • Sales: A plethora of cloud based tools to improve your teams productivity. You can do everything from deliver quotes and proposals to managing billing or subscriptions. Say goodbye to headaches when it comes to bookkeeping!
  • Support: You need to develop good relationships with your clients which Salesforce helps you do with self service portals, cell center software and customer service tools.
  • Marketing: Create customer journeys that allow you plan out every step your clients will take. The result is a smoother process and better results with less work.
  • Collaboration: Create a community that enables your employees or customers to collaborate with one another and offer help. Doing so establishes a deeper connection and boosts your businesses productivity.
  • Analytics: Don’t be in the dark with your business any more with Salesforce analytic tools. These will let you have a better understanding of trends and opportunities to go in a better direction.
  • E-commerce: From your website to social media and physical locations, you will have a point of sale along with fulfillment and customer service tools.
  • Build apps: A unique feature they offer are tools to help speed up your application development process. If you think your company needs to start building apps to offer more products then you’ll benefit greatly from this.


Not every business has the same needs which is why Salesforce offers solutions based on your business type, industry, role and more. For example they have solutions for startups to non profits and government businesses. It doesn’t matter what your size is and what your goals are, they will tailor everything to you what you need. With this being said, I recommend you take a look at their pricing here to determine what suits you best.

Customer Service

With a search portal, documentation, customer service team, training and events, Salesforce has a plethora of ways to help you out. They even have a community where you can ask questions and see answers to previous ones which may apply to your situation.


Want a 30 day free trial to see what Salesforce can do for you? Then stop by their page here to sign up. With so many features and details, you’ll be able to explore everything before finally making a decision.

The Verdict

Looking at what both these CRM solutions can do, here is what we’ve etablished:

  • Infusionsoft is better for businesses that require a general all-in-one solution.
  • Salesforce is better if you require a CRM solution that is tailored to your exact industry.
  • Infusionsoft is pricier but offers more in the same package to make up for it.
  • Salesforce has smaller packages if you don’t need excess features.

Our recommendation is to browse through both their list of solutions and pricing to get a full grasp on what they offer. As well, there is no harm in trying out both of their demos to see which one you prefer hands on.

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