Hostgator Cloud Hosting Review – Fast, Secure, Reliable

When setting up a website, it can be overwhelming when looking at how many options you have from packages to hosts.

A great middleground is cloud hosting which increases performance and security without breaking the bank.

Today we will be covering our Hostgator cloud hosting review because we believe they are one of the best hosts to choose from and you will agree after reading this article.

For a little history lesson first, HostGator was launched back in October of 2005 by a gentleman named Brent Oxley.

At the time he was a Florida Atlantic University student. Fast forward one year and Hostgator had reached the top 200,000 mark of registered domains to exist. In 2007, the company moved offices from Florida to a beautiful 20,000 square foot building in Houston Texas.

Inc. Magazine went onto to rank HostGator in their list of fastest growing companies at position #21. It seemed year after year the company had something new up their sleeve and in 2008 they released their unlimited hosting which crushed competition.

Nowadays they are one of the most popular choices for website hosting since they offer incredible features at affordable prices which we can all appreciate.

On top of this they have top notch customer service to help you out with anything. Now lets get onto the review!

The Review

So you may be thinking “What is cloud hosting?”. Well, it’s an efficient way to pool and store resources onto virtual servers instead of physical ones.

Imagine that one day your website was on a physical server and it get destroyed, your website would be gone but that’s not the case with cloud.

It offers much more scalability, security, and availability. This is perfect for businesses and websites that require fast load times and don’t want to experience downtime.


Hostgator cloud plans


Hostgator offers us three different cloud plans.

Their simplest plan starts at a very reasonable $4.95 a month with their business plan only being $5 more for triple the features. In between is the “Baby” package which is a great middleground.

How do they all differ? As so:

Hostgator Cloud plans


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The “Hatchling” plan only allows you to operate one domain but you do get unlimited sub-domains. If you only operate one website and want to try Hostgator out, this is a good choice.

Moving onto the “Baby” plan, you get double the resources with the added benefit of unlimited domains. Webmasters that run several websites, especially higher traffic ones, will love this plan.

The “Business” plan offers a free SSL(secure socket layer) certficiate which adds an extra level of protection for your users. Along with a dedicated IP, your site will be flawless. This plan is ideal for e-commerce store owners since an SSL is mandatory for most major payment gateways.

All of these plans come with unlimited bandwidth, email addresses and storage. Your website is mirrored three times across multiple devices to assure consistency and no hiccups.

With their data centers being state-of-the-art, servers are secured and monitored 24/7. If you decide on Hostgator cloud hosting, other benefits you will receive include:

  1. Optimal caching so your website pages load even faster.
  2. An intricate dashboard to view all of your sites performance and metrics.
  3. Resource management tools.
  4. A feature-rich control panel.

Overall, their cloud plans come with a healthy amount of RAM and CPU which are critical for any sites receiving high levels of traffic.

When there are many users on your website at the same time and several processes occurring, having these extra resources will keep everything running smoothly.

Rob Jones made an awesome infographic explaining the benefits further:

Cloud infographic

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Alright, lets get to the fun stuff. What do you really get when you use Hostgator?

Lots. That’s what you get.


Do you use WordPress, Joomla, or Ruby on Rails? How about Weebly, PHP, or Perl?

Of course you do! Hostgator gives you a dozen different software scripts including the above and more.

Want to install a WordPress website instantly? Done. Want to host your Ruby on Rails app? Done.


Backups and managing your files has never been easier. The intuitive file manager lets you breeze through website files to organize and fix any issues.

Need to backup your cPanel or website data? No problem, you can do right that through your control panel.

You can oversee your disc usage, clean up excess files, and stay on top of storage with ease.


Creating sub-domains can literally be done in the click of a button. Adding parked domains, creating redirects, and editing aliases is all at your fingertips too.

Several DNS tools will ensure that propagating domains, email servers, and alike is all a breeze. This is key for web designers and those switching hosts.


How does professional email accounts with unlimited storage sound? Not bad, huh?

Being able to create domain specific emails([email protected]) is incredible for branding. You can make various emails for different departments like sales or marketing.

You can also create mailing lists, integrate with G Suite, and encrypt messages.


For all of the nerds out there, you’ll love this part.

Hostgator gives you access to MySQL and PHP databases that can be edited to your hearts desire.


Want to know how much bandwidth you’re using and where your traffic levels are at?

Your cPanel comes packed with reports and data about your entire hosting account. You’ll know every detail so you can improve resource usage.

Customer service

Have you ever had a bad customer service experience with web hosting?

Maybe it was a very late responses, negativity, or lack of help?

Well, don’t worry about that. Hostgator has an incredible customer service team that I can personally vouch for.

I’ve used them for about 6 years at this point. Want to know my honest experience?

Every time I needed help, their customer service was amazing. From little concerns to migrations and bigger problems, they always had my back.

They have 24/7/365 support through live chat and phone as well.


To sum up our Hostgator cloud hosting review, we highly recommend you give them a try. Their cloud plans are perfect for any serious business owner or webmaster. It offers tons of flexibility, resources, features, speed, and security all at affordable prices.

At any time you can also upgrade to other packages and change around many different settings/preferences.

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What do you think of Hostgator’s cloud hosting?

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