Easy & Effective Ways To Monetize WordPress Blogs

Imagine being able to earn income or a living through monetizing your WordPress blog. Well, guess what? It’s 100% achievable if you follow the steps laid our in our article. These are proven and practical approaches to making money from blogging that you can start doing today.

How To Monetize WordPress Blogs

#1 – Affiliate Marketing

To this day, affiliate marketing remains one of the most effective ways to monetize a wordpress blog. It’s a business model that works by you promoting other brands products and receiving commissions when you refer a sale. This takes all of the hard work out of your hands and leaves you with the role of attracting users. Since you’re blogging and driving traffic, affiliate marketing works perfectly to put relevant products infront of your audience. For example if you blog about men’s health, you could implement links to supplements or equipment that are appropriate.

Getting started with affiliate marketing is quick and easy. We suggest that you check out Amazon’s program since it’s free to join and you can earn commissions on every product they sell. No matter what niche you find yourself in, Amazon will have items that suit your target demographic. Visit www.affiliate-program.amazon.com to sign up for an account. After entering some basic information such as how you will be driving traffic and from what sources, you will be thrown right into the Amazon’s Associates platform.


We can search for products to generate links including text and images for us to use within our content. If a user clicks one and converts to a sale, you will receive a percentage of it. Amazon just implemented a rule which states that new affiliates have 180 days to generate 3 sales so the review process can begin. Once you have referred 3 sales, Amazon will examine your website to assure it suits their standards. One of the ways you can assure you get approved is by including a statement in your about page or footer that says you are apart of their program. This is so users don’t get misled when clicking links and seeing you advertise products.

Other notable networks to check out are Clickbank, Shareasale, and Commission Junction. We’ve used these in the past with a lot of success and they offer a great range of offers to promote. What’s great about these other networks is you’ll find products to advertise that you normally wouldn’t on Amazon.

Digital Products

Besides affiliate marketing, selling digital products is one of the most hands-free ways to monetizing WordPress blogs. You will have to invest time into creating the original product but past that, a customer can purchase it and they will instantly have access. Digital products include:

  • E-books
  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • Courses

Consider what your blog is about and how you could compile information into a neat digital product. If you write about gardening, you could create an e-book on your favourite techniques, a course on how to garden for beginners, or even make an exclusive podcast. There’s one reason why digital products will always be around and will always deliver great results and that’s because knowledge will never go out of style. People are going to be continually interested in becoming an expert at any given topic and you can help them achieve that.

Writing courses is a fantastic way to sell digital products and it’s so simple with WordPress. Plugins like Coursepress and Learnpress will enable you to create course material, units, sections, quizzes, exercises and more for your students. You can also add other instructors and there are many extensions to improve your experience teaching.

To sell other digital products on WordPress there are many different plugins you can utilize. Woocommerce is one of the best since it connects with major payment gateways and has a massive community. Sell Digital Downloads is another plugin that would be very useful here. It uses PayPal to receive payments and you can easily sell anything from MP3’s to to videos and more. Upload your product, set an appropriate price and your loyal fans will begin supporting you!

Physical Products

Physical productsThis requires the most work out of all the strategies of monetizing a WordPress blog but can be the most rewarding. Selling physical products can be performed in one of two ways. The first is by creating the products yourself which is know as proprietary products. The second method is through a massively popular business model called dropshipping. We also offer extensive dropshipping courses to help you build successful online businesses if this peaks your interest.

It works by outsourcing all of the manufacturing and distribution similar to affiliate marketing. The difference is you actually list the suppliers products on your store and take payments. When a customer orders through you, you then forward this information to the supplier and they will take care of the process. For example you may list a product for $50 but get it from the wholesaler for $25 meaning you’re left with $25 in profit. One of the best ways to begin dropshipping as a beginner is through Aliexpress since it’s free and friendly to newbies.

Now if you wanted to create your own unique products you could also do this. It’s very common for entrepreneurs who make their own clothing for example. They print designs onto t-shirts, hoodies, and similar apparel then ship it out via the post office. If you can source products or make them by hand, there’s a lot of opportunity to monetize your blog with them.

Monetizing a WordPress blog can be done in many different ways, it’s just up to you to decide what’s best for your niche. You can never go wrong with affiliate marketing but also brainstorm how you could implement physical or digital products into your blog.

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