Earn More – Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Not earning as much as you want with Amazon’s affiliate program? Then you probably need to adjust how you are marketing your business and promoting products. With the right Amazon affiliate marketing strategy you can be earning 50% to 100% more than what you are now. Try out one of these approaches with your business and see for yourself.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Strategy Breakdown

#1 – Profiles

A unique way to make commissions with Amazon’s program is to create profiles on individuals with big followings. These could pro gamers, athletes, Youtube vloggers, and anyone else with a fanbase. The goal is to curate a list of what items they use for their craft so followers can get the same gear. A good example of this strategy is done by Wisetech Report. They compose rich content that goes over what keyboards, mice, cameras, microphones and similar equipment certain content creators utilize. By implementing a healthy amount of keywords around the influencer they are writing about, Wisetech ends up ranking for several phrases around one individual. This is an extremely effecient and effective way to approach marketing as an Amazon affiliate.

Wisetech Report

If you’re interested in doing this yourself, brainstorm platforms with influencers like sports, Youtube, or gaming for example. Research into the most popular people in these niches and what gear they use. Craft content around these profiles and make sure you do some thorough keyword research. For example above we can see there is a Casey Neistat article. You could potentially rank for “Casey Neistat equipment”, “Casey Neistat drone”, “Casey Neistat camera”, and more. Do this and you’re sure to see tons of affiliate commissions rolling in.

#2 – Top 10’s

It doesn’t have to necessarily be top 10, it could be top 5, top 15, or top 50 if you really wanted to. This strategy is based around taking any given product and creating informative lists about the best brands in their category. For example you could create a tech website and write content about:

  • Top 10 best gaming computers.
  • Top 15 drones.
  • Top 12 business laptops.
  • Top 5 tablets for working.
  • Top 20 affordable mechanical keyboards.

Tech is a very saturated market so we wouldn’t suggest it highly but instead it’d be best to find a narrow niche. Brand your website as a business that is built to inform users about the best products in the market you’ve chosen. Over time by regularly producing content and focusing on SEO you will build yourself as an authority website. Users will begin to associate your business with the go-to knowledge about the best products. Techradar is a good example of this kind of website.

Techradar#3 – Comparison Websites

A great approach to affiliate marketing with Amazon is through comparing products and brands so users can find the best deals. If you use WordPress for your content management system, you’ll be pleased to find there are many plugins available to make this easier for you. Content should be focused around comparing one of a few different things:

  • Prices of products.
  • Brand quality.
  • Features of products.

For example you could compare two laptops regarding features. You can list the pros and cons of each one and determine which one comes out on top. Another approach would be to take a large list of laptops and compare all of their prices for what you get. Finally, taking various brands and contrasting them is a solid tactic. Covering why one brand is better in a certain department or category is a simple way to start creating content.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips

Once you have chosen a niche and approach to your content, you can increase your conversion rate and earnings by:

  • Implementing SEO tactics: The golden nugget of any affiliate marketing business is to be receiving so much organic traffic you get consistent daily commissions. This can only be achieved by having a sturdy SEO strategy in place. We recommend that you regularly right rich content with keywords, good length, and links. Always write content around keywords you’ve researched beforehand as well. Next building backlinks will give your website some spine and authority. Guestposting will not only result in quality backlinks but also a surge of traffic. Social bookmarking, directories, and blog commenting are other ways you can get them. Always remember to work for a backlink and avoid spamming them.
  • Staying consistent: To make a real living off of affiliate marketing you’ll need to be working hard every day. Write content, do social media marketing, collect emails, build backlinks, and learn, learn, learn. There is a saying that goes “An entrepreneur that doesn’t learn, doesn’t earn”. It couldn’t be any more true. Always strive to learn more marketing strategies and to master your craft.
  • Be organized: Organize your websites, social media accounts, emails, and tasks. Break down what you should be doing every day to grow your business and how much time needs to be allocated.

To sum everything up, the first step is choosing a niche and affiliate marketing strategy. Next is to continually build content, backlinks, and drive traffic. Doing this over time will earn you more money and grow your business to the next level.

My name is Carmine and I own Mastro Digital, Pierro Shoes, and Wisetech Report. I’m a self published author and full time internet marketer. If you need blog article, e-book or sales copy services please contact me at [email protected]