How To Dropship on Ebay – Full Guide

Dropshipping is a low cost and high profit business model that is ideal for both new and experienced entrepreneurs. Beginners will find it rewarding to earn income through an online business while also learning valuable marketing skills. Veterans will have no issue implementing their knowledge and expertise to grow a dropshipping business to huge numbers. Dropshipping on eBay is a great way to begin since it’s free to list and we’re going to show you how to source products for free as well. Lets begin!

How To Dropship on Ebay

Product Research

Before we can begin you need some ideas for products to sell. We suggest taking the time to brainstorm:

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Passions

If you can craft a business around things you love then you have a recipe for success. It makes building and managing it much more entertaining in the long run. What you want to do is take your ideas and narrow them down even further. For example if you thought of men’s watches, you could take it a step further and do men’s bamboo watches. You always want your ideas to be as specific as possible to find a nice niche.

Tools to Help You


Google Trends is a fantastic tool for product and market research. You can type in any keyword and it will display search results, geographic information, and you can contrast multiple terms at once. You should use this to see if your product ideas are receiving high amounts of searches and what stage of interest they are in. Being able to view where most of the searches come from is also valuable demographic information you can use for marketing later on.


For the latest product ideas and trends, Product Hunt is here to help you out. From tech, apps, games, to wearables and more you will be bombarded with a plethora of inspiration for niches. They display the most popular products of the day and month so you should definitely check them out.


Google’s Keyword Planner under the Adwords platform is perhaps one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal. If you haven’t signed up for a free account yet, do it today. What it enables you to do is search for any keyword and see the exact search amount per month, advertising cost, related terms and more. This is also critical for search engine optimization since you can find low competition phrases to focus on.

Market Research

Okay so you know what you want to sell, now it’s time to research a bit into the marketing you’re entering. Don’t worry, thanks to the internet, market research has never been quicker or easier. One of the first steps we recommend is visiting Google and searching for competitors in your niche. Since we will be selling on eBay, it’s wise to find the best sellers on there as well. The goal is to break down:

  • How much they are pricing their products for.
  • What kind of shipping methods they offer.
  • What kind of products/categories do they have.
  • Copywriting strategies they utilize.
  • Keywords they use commonly.

This type of competitive analysis will result in you compiling useful information you can implement yourself to improve your business. The next step is understand your customers on a deeper level with one of the best ways to do so through market reports. Visit Google again and search for reports in your niche. Normally they are paid but you should easily be able to find free ones floating around. These reports include demographic information, buying behavior, optimal sales channels, opportunities, and challenges you may face. It’s critical information to have so you know how to navigate through the niche easier.

Social media and forums are also a wonderful resource for understanding your customers. What better way to see what they are saying about products then to listen in on their conversations? Find social media brands and discussion boards that relate to what you are selling. Browse and try to get a general idea of who you are selling to and what they like/dislike about the product.

Sourcing Products

AliThe beauty of dropshipping is you never see inventory or have to be concerned about it. Today we will be using Aliexpress to source our products. This is a business to consumer marketing place owned by Alibaba which you probably have heard of. The difference is this platform is essentially made for dropshipping since you can order one item at a time and have it shipped anywhere in the world. Search through Aliexpress and find products that you would want to sell on eBay. You should bookmark them or the individual stores you visit for easier access later.

Getting them on eBay

Sign up for a free eBay account and click “Sell” on the top bar. This will then take you to a product listing page like below.


Enter a name and it will then prompt you to select appropriate categories. The next page is where you will create your full listing. Beginning with the title, it should be descriptive and stand out with keywords you researched earlier preferably. The condition should be set as new since the products from Aliexpress are fresh from the factory. Next you will upload product photos which you can save from the individual Aliexpress product page. Include numerous images so customers can see multiple angles of what they are purchasing.

For UPC select “Does Not Apply” since we don’t need to be using one. Under the Aliexpress product description it should state a brand name. Enter this name in the brand dropdown from “Enter your own”. eBay also gives you some common styles of the product you are selling to choose from. You can pick one of these or enter you own if you find it more beneficial.

InfoContinue filling out the rest of the information until you reach the description. You should keep it simple with bullet points but always remember the following rule: don’t just state features, state benefits. For example if you are listing a tennis racket, say how it will improve their accuracy and performance. This is much better than stating that it’s made out of X/Y material. Of course enter that basic information but don’t forget to speak to the customers wants.

Set a fixed price that is more than what it is on Aliexpress, this assure that you will recieve profit when you order it. For example if you buy it from Ali for $15 you could list it for $30. With some competitive analysis you should’ve made estimates of what your competition is pricing at. Enter your PayPal email so you can be paid and choose the Economy shipping from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan as the shipping method. Handling time can be set to anywhere from 1 to 3 business days.


Once you are comfortable with your listing, go to the next page, review it and select “List your item”. Congradulations you just successfully listed your first product! Now you will want to do this for the rest of the things you want to sell.

Fulfilling Orders

So you get your first sale and you’re super excited but now what? You want to navigate to the product on Aliexpress which you should have conveniently saved. Select the correct size, colour and specifications that your customer has chosen. Continue to checkout and under the shipping section, enter your customers information. Confirm the order and now it’s time to wait. If you visit “My Orders” from the profile dropdown you will be able to see the status of your purchases.


Click “View Detail” and it will display a tracking number once it’s shipped. You will want to forward this to your eBay customer so they can track it. Past this step you are all done, that wasn’t hard was it? Now that you know how to dropship on ¬†eBay, continue listing more products and profiting!

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