How To Drive Traffic To Ecommerce Sites

So you launched your e-commerce site and eagerly await for sales to roll in. You notice that you are not making any sales and its usually because you don’t actually have enough traffic. We are going to teach you how to drive traffic to ecommerce stores with quick results.

Social Media Traffic

Social media is a critical traffic source for any online business. With it you can improve brand awareness, promote products, share articles you write and more. You should sign up for the three major networks which are:


on Facebook you will be marketing through creating a page which you can do by visiting Choose a business type related to yours, enter a name, select a category and you’re good to go. From there upload an profile image(Preferably a logo) and a cover image. Assure that you also edit the “About” information to include a description, website link, and other useful info.


Every time you write a post on your blog, share it on the Facebook page. Promote new products and give your fans updates about what is new with your business.


This is the ideal platform for connecting with customers, influencers, and other brands. It is a very conversation-forward social network which means you need to make engaging a priority. Just like Facebook, include a captivating profile image and cover photo. Include a website link and a biography that describes your business and its value. This is also a good area to include a discount code or promotions.

To begin gathering followers we suggest that you find accounts within your niche and follower users that follow them. When they see that you have, they may visit your profile and return the favor. Stay active by liking others content and Tweeting at them. Also make sure to use relevant hashtags every time you post something.


An incredible platform for visual brands if you sell clothing, beauty products, and alike. Post high quality photos with an interesting caption and ask questions like:

  • What do you think of this photo?
  • What would you change?
  • What are your thoughts on this style/individual/team/etc

This is a simple way to get users to engage on your content. Following other users is an easy way to ramp up your following count similar to Twitter. Like, comment, and tag other users actively as well.

We recommend using for hashtag research. It allows you to connect your Instagram account to see useful analytics. Type in a relevant keyword in the search bar and you will receive dozens of related tags. Why we want these is so we can include them in our posts. Any one that searches for that hashtag will find our content and potentially find us.

When it comes to social media marketing in general, always assume the 80/20 rule. This means 80% of your content should be value giving such as articles, infographics, and interesting photos. The remaining 20% can be products. discount, and promotions. Users don’t like to be constantly advertised to so keep it a minimum and you will notice even better results.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the practice of optimizing your website and its content to get ranked higher on search engines like Google. By doing so you receive higher amounts of organic traffic which leads to more sales, clients, and signups. The first step is to visit and sign up for an account. We are going to utilize a free tool called the Keyword Planner which is accessible from the tools dropdown menu.

Keywords are phrases that users search which we can take advantage of as marketers. If we tailor our content around certain queries we can appear higher in the results for them. Select the first option presented when we open the Keyword Planner.


Enter a term related to the products or services you offer. It could also be a topic related to an article you wish to write. Leave the rest of the settings default and the results will look like below.


What we have are keyword ideas, their respective search amounts, advertising bid, and competition level. For SEO purposes we only to focus on the keyword itself and how much it is searched. The goal is find queries that are searched often but don’t have a high level of competition. The tab we see labeled as “competition” tells us how many advertisers are displaying ads for that keyword, not the competitors we’re looking for. What we need to do is visit Google and type in these keywords. Preferably the results should be less than 1 million and the lower the better.

Once we have some keywords selected, it’s time to implement them. Here are some general guidelines:

  • When writing content, include a keyword in the title, first or second paragraph and in a header.
  • Articles should be no shorter than 300 words.
  • Images should have alt text that includes a keyword.
  • Include links to internal resources(other pages or posts) and external links.
  • Format the posts with header tags.

Other things you can do to improve your SEO are:

  • Generate a sitemap.
  • Have deep navigation.
  • Update your content on a regular basis.

There are many other things you need to learn about SEO but even a little bit of knowledge makes a big difference. Take a look at MOZ to get a better understanding on how to approach this practice.

Email Marketing

To this day, email marketing remains as one of the most popular strategies for driving traffic to ecommerce stores. Depending on what platform you use will dictate how you should accomplish doing so.

Lets say for example you are on Shopify. You could install the Mailchimp app and begin collecting emails through a signup form and when users checkout. WordPress users should also consider the Mailchimp plugin to get the same results.

Once you have begun collecting emails and growing a list, you need to regularly send them newsletters. These should include new articles you write, product additions, and promotions you’ve launched. The best part of email marketing is that it is a great way to retain users attention to your brand. They may not visit your store often but they will always be reminded it exists.

My name is Carmine and I own Mastro Digital, Pierro Shoes, and Wisetech Report. I’m a self published author and full time internet marketer. If you need blog article, e-book or sales copy services please contact me at [email protected]