Convertkit vs Drip – Who’s Best For Your Email Marketing Needs?

Convertkit and Drip are both tools you can use to take your email marketing to the next level. Building a subscriber base is a surefire way to bring traffic back to your website, make sales, and grow your business.

If you’re not currently working on your email marketing, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Today we will be doing a Convertkit vs Drip comparison to contrast their pricing, features, and more. Enjoy!

Convertkit vs Drip


Drip was launched in 2013 and in a short time span have been a huge impact in the internet marketing world. They were one of the first email marketing platforms to offer automation and features to everyday entrepreneurs.

The company is lead by successful serial entrepreneurs Rob Walling and Derrick Reimer.

Even against much larger companies, they bootstrapped their way to become a major competitor by offering great service and prices.

Leadpages acquired the company in 2016 after years of double digit monthly growth.

Drip features

Drip offers everything you need for extensive email marketing.


Drip integrations

Source: Drip

Firstly, they integrate with all of your favorite tools including Shopify, 3dcart,, ClickFunnels and more. In just a couple of clicks, your apps will be set up together to streamline workflow.


Tracking codes enable you to get deeper insight into what your customers want. The bottomline? You increase your conversion rates. Apply any custom tags, events, or fields to stay organized.

Drip also scores your leads so you know which ones are most likely to convert. This way, you can focus on your best customers.

Automated marketing

Want to save time and energy?

Then you’ll be in love with Drip’s marketing automation.

Drip automated workflow

Automated workflows can be tailored to your customers exact behavior. They integrate with other apps to do exactly what you want. True marketing freedom.

Drip comes equipped with pre-built campaigns to save you even more time. Customize delays, messages, and more to suit your business perfectly.

Need to update a client or entire customer base? No problem. One off emails are very easy to design and send out.

Custom content

Personalization is a huge part of business in modern times. Nobody wants to feel like they are just a number on an email list.

Drip personalization

With Drip, you can customize content with information you collect from customers. It’s a great way to build rapport and better relationships.

Not every lead requires the same approach. That’s why segmenting comes in handy.

You can segment your customers by many different traits to narrow them down into various groups. Then you can market to them all differently and get better results.


Drip analytics

Data is everything.

Without it, do you really know what you’re doing?

Drip gives you over 10 different reports so you know everything that’s happening with your marketing.

No more guessing, only data based decisions from now on.

You can define conversion rates and their values to make custom charts. Everything from email opens to replies is all recorded for you to analze.

Drip pricing

What about their pricing? Well, they offer four plans.

Drip plans

Depending on your current subscriber base, you will need a different plan. Those just starting out will benefit from testing out their free version.

All of their plans offer: 

  • Unlimited email sends and users.
  • API access.
  • Drip email opt-in widgets.
  • 3rd party integration.
  • Automation tools.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Purchase notification.
  • Removal of Drip branding(Does not come with free plan).

Besides the Drip branding removal, every package gets the exact same features and capabilities. What changes in the plans is the amount of subscribers you are able to handle.

Drip customer service

When you’re new to software like this, it can be intimidating.

You don’t really know what to do or where to start.

That’s why Drip offers a multitude of services and resources to help you become a master at email marketing.

Firstly, they have a vast FAQ and resources page that will answer any basic questions. Use this as a base to become familiar with the service.

Next, Drip has certified consultants that can lead you through every step of the way to success. This can often be an incredibly worth while investment to achieve your business goals.

Their marketing automation course will help you understand the basics, grasp trends, and find inspiration. They also offer a market report so you can stay up to date on opportunities in the industry.

A Facebook community and dedicated support team makes Drip’s overall customer service game top notch.

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Convertkit is composed of a 30 member team across that has one goal, to help you improve your email marketing results.

Convertkit features

The essentials

Growing your email list is simple with Convertkit. Create forms that are easy to embed into your website so your readers turn into loyal subscribers.

Subscriber data, conversion rates, and more are all easily accessible through reports.

Automated emails

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate your email marketing so you can do other things?

Well, you’re in luck.

Convertkit automation

Converkit has an easy-to-use drag and drop system to effortlessly create marketing campaigns.

Set your own rules, timing, and events so it’s perfectly tailored to your audiences. This is perfect for split testing as well since you can easily try out various strategies.


With so much data and metrics, you need to stay organized.

Keeping everything under lock can be a headache some times.

Forget about that, Convertkit makes it simple.

Segment your leads by location, tags, interests and various other metrics. Create several lists and marketing to them all differently for the best results.

Convertkit integrations

Every marketer uses a variety of tools. That’s why integration is so important when looking for services like Convertkit.

With them, everything from Shopify to Zapier, EasyWebinar and dozens of other apps connect in a breeze.

This makes your overall arsenal so much more powerful.

Converkit customer service

If you want to kick your email marketing skills up a notch, Convertkit even has live training sessions and weekly workshops. There’s no better way to get experience than hands-on training.

There are also over 100 articles on topics including affiliate marketing, migrations, best practices, and more.

They also boast a wonderful community forum you’ll be a part of where you can ask questions, chime in, and get help from other Convertkit users.

Their customer success team is always online to answer questions and help you become better at the software, too.

Convertkit pricing

So, just like Drip, the pricing plans are relative to how many subscribers you have or plan to acquire.

As well just like the former, Convertkit plans all have the same features except their two most expensive ones offer migrations.

This means if you are already with another email marketing platform, you’ll have an easy time switching over or vice versa.

You have the choice to be billed monthly or annually, the latter giving 12 months for the price of 10 which is convenient:

  • $29/month: 0-1k subscribers.
  • $49/month: 1k-3k subscribers.
  • $79/month: 3k-5k subscribers.
  • Calculated higher volume plan.

While they don’t offer a free plan like Drip, their basic plan is cheaper but is only up to 1k subscribers.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, you’ll pay $8 more to manage upwards to 3k subscribers.

The difference between the two second highest plans is only $2 and hold a similar amount of subscribers, 5k. The features include:

  • Visual automation.
  • Unlimited customizable forms.
  • Unlimited email sends.
  • Industry leading delivery.
  • Subscriber tagging.
  • Reporting.
  • Over 70 integrations.
  • API support.
  • Email and live chat.

Convertkit also offers a demo though so it’d be wise to check it out before you make a decision.

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Benefits of email marketing

Email marketing is practically mandatory for any modern business. There are so many benefits, you’re only missing out by not taking advantage of it.

Take a look at this graph from GetResponse, it sums up email marketing benefits perfectly.

Let’s dive into some of these perks a bit deeper.

Get more leads

Do you want more leads to turn into paying customers? Of course!

By having users sign up for an email newsletter, you’re increasing your chances of making sales by collecting leads. With 3.7 billion active email users in the world, you can easily get a slice of the pie.

Make more sales

Check out this graph on email marketing ROI.

This data was concluded from a study of 4,000 marketers. At minimum, 44% said that email marketing was at least semi profitable. 36% said that it brought in significant revenue for their business.

Enough said!

If you’re thinking, “How do I make money with email marketing?“, there are a few ways. One of the most effective being sending out affiliate offers to your list.

Be careful, though. Nobody wants to be bombarded with products and promotions when they sign up for a newsletter. Typically it’s for value like discounts, free e-books, or your latest blog posts.

Throw in some affiliate offers sparingly and ensure they suit your target demographic perfectly.

If you sell physical or digital products, you can integrate them right into emails. Customers can click right to the product page or even add it to cart.

Increases conversion rates

Email marketing allows you to segment your leads.

Not everyone is the same. This means that not everybody will respond to the same email or offer in the same manner. That’s why it’s crucial to build segments.

With tools like Drip or Convertkit, you can take advantage of segmentation with your own rules. Based on metrics and behaviors you set, you’ll have many groups of subscribers you can individually target.

If you can narrow down your leads like this, you can easily increase your conversion rate.

Reduced costs

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend less and earn more?

Well, it’s possible.

Email marketing tools are reasonably price and scale with the size of your subscriber base. This means you don’t pay for extra features that you don’t need at the moment.

Going back to the ROI graph, email is profitable. You’ll quickly be earning much more than what you spend per month on any given software.

Find the best leads

Some leads are warm. Some are cold.

Don’t waste any more time sending out emails to leads that don’t really care.

Email tools give you the power to score leads and narrow down the most potential customers. That way, you can save time and generate more revenue.

You can then spend more time developing relationships with these leads to grow brand loyalty, as well.


This is one of the best parts about modern email tools.

They all work together!

It doesn’t matter if it’s Drip, Convertkit, Mailchimp or any other. They will integrate into your social media, e-commerce platform, CRM, and anything else you use.

Processes get streamlined and it makes your overall marketing setup much more efficient.

Shortened sales cycles

Have you ever spent ages trying to convert one particular lead?

We’ve all been there.

Email marketing helps reduce how much time it takes to convert a sale. When you are able to nurture leads and segment them, sales can happen much quicker.

Email marketing tips

You didn’t think I’d let you leave without making you a better marketer, did you?

These are tips to help improve your email marketing open rate, ROI, and everything in between. Try them out today and you’ll be bathing in money!

#1 – Keep it personal

Nobody wants to feel like a number in a list. I’m sure you’ve gotten emails in the past that seamed spammy and automated. Did you instantly delete it? I usually do, too.

When you’re sending out emails yourself, avoid this common mistake.

By making your emails more personable, it establishes a connection with your audience. It’s been proven that using someone’s first name can increase trust and bonding.

#2 – Talk about them

This is especially important when you’re trying to sell something.

A lot of marketers think that they have to convince the customer that their features and pricing are the best. What’s even more important is stating how the user will benefit from using your product.

A.K.A, talk about what’s in it for them.

Let’s say you’re promoting affiliate offers on clothing to your email list.

Instead of saying that “Look at these awesome and cheap rain jackets”, it’d be better to mention:

  • How the rain jackets will keep them dry and not mess up their hair.
  • That these are stylish rain jackets that don’t make you look silly like traditional ones.
  • Since they are made out of good material, it will last longer than others and save them money in the long term.

See how much better that is?

#3 – Subject lines are key

Boring subject lines won’t get opened. 47% of recipients decide to open an email based on the them.

You might be missing out on a lot of revenue by not having good ones.

So, what makes a good subject line?

One that stands out.

Yeah, I know, that’s vague. Let’s put some meat around it.

Good subject lines will include tactics like:

  • Urgency: A proven copywriting strategy that can make users click as they don’t want to feel like they’re going to miss out. “Summer sale – One day left!”.
  • Personalization: Once again, using someone’s name is huge here. Use it in the subject line and it’s more like to be opened. Even something as simple as “Hey, Michael” can work.
  • Storytelling: Tailor your email around a story and begin it in the subject line. “How I made $2,000 in a day while in Thailand by accident”.

It’s wise to keep subject lines straight to the point and short. Most emails nowadays are opened from mobile devices. This means there is less space and you may not get your point across with a long subject line.

#4 – A fair exchange

One of the most timeless email marketing techniques is to offer free value in return for an email signup.

Heck, look at Mastro Digital! I offer several business e-books in exchange for a subscribe.

Not a bad deal.

Think of ways you can offer value to your readers that would entice them to sign up.

Like what I’m doing, e-books are a great way to begin. Of course, you actually have to have e-books to offer to this. Write them yourself or outsource to platforms like Upwork. Focus on quality though, not quantity.

#5 – Test different forms

From Google Analytics to other data driven tools, we’re in a time where everything is measurable.

With email marketing, you may be sitting on a goldmine without realizing it.

What I mean is that if you test out different ways to get subscribers, you may find one that works much better.

I’ve found split testing signup forms to be a great place to start. It’s so simple and easy to do, there’s no reason not to. For example, if you use a top bar signup, try using a popup for a week or two, however long you find necessary.

Did you get more subscribers? If so, you could be onto something. Also test out your calls to action and copywriting involved with email signups.

Overall Drip and Convertkit hold very similar features and pricing. Our suggestion would be to try out their demo and see which one resonates more with you.

You may end up liking a certain UI or workflow system more than another or example. Have a wonderful weekend and happy email marketing!

My name is Carmine Mastropierro and I own Mastro Digital, Pierro Shoes, and Wisetech Report. I’m a self published author and full time internet marketer. If you need blog article, e-book or sales copy services please contact me at [email protected]