Clickbank vs Amazon Affiliate Program

One of the most difficult steps of affiliate marketing is finding the right program for your website. Does it offer enough commission? Will my audience like the products? These are often questions we ask our selves as marketers. Two of the most popular networks on the internet right now are Clickbank and Amazon. Both have their pros and cons which is why today we are going to settle this once and for all and break down both of them. Lets get into it!

Clickbank vs Amazon


For some background, ClickBank is a privately owned internet company that sells both physical and digital products. They were founded back in 1998 so they have been around for much longer than most users know. With over 6 million clients worldwide, Clickbank is in North America’s top 100 internet retailers. The business is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc, a large private technology company in Idaho.

ClickBank was founded in San Diego, California by Eileen and Tim Barber in 1998. Back in 2011, their website accumulated over 1.5 million affiliates with over 100,000 deemed active at any given time. With an easy-to-use platform serving practically any niche, it’s no wonder that so many marketers love to use them. Did you know they also handle approximately 30,000 transactions on a daily basis? They are a very busy company!

The platform serves as a way to connect vendors and marketers to create a convenient middleground. The businesses that offer affiliate programs can list their product and the affiliates can sign up to promote them, easy huh? Clickbank then aids in payments, taxes, and a variety of other services. Being either of the parties is extremely easy when using their website. There’s around 50,000 products you can gain commissions from right now in over 200 countries.


  1. You can earn high commissions like 50-70% which is unheard of.
  2. Great variety of info/digital products if it suits your market.
  3. Free to sign up and start using.


  • Many low quality offers you will have to navigate around.
  • Higher refund rates than most affiliate networks.
  • Basic and limited reports.

Amazon Affiliate

AmazonAmazon drives more than half of their sales through third-party sellers which is an amazing thing. They empower so many businesses and have created a real community out of their marketplace. Affiliates(called Associates) earn a commissions for referring sales by placing links on their website. There are over 1 million members in their affiliate program and approximately 2% of all websites are using it on the internet. It is the second most popular advertising network after Google’s Adwords platform.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, Amazon definitely will have products for you to promote. You can use their unique linking system to create image, text or text+image links to get everything just right. It is free to sign up and you will need to refer 3 sales within a 180 day period to get reviewed. Your website will be looked at to confirm that is is aligned with Amazon’s guidelines and terms of service. If so, you will be fully accepted and can start earning big bucks!


  • Everyone trusts Amazon so it has a very high conversion rate.
  • Endless products to choose from.


  • You need to refer 3 sales before getting reviewed and you still may not be accepted.
  • Commissions start low at around 4% but do increase with more referrals.


So it’s clear that both Amazon and Clickbank have their advantages and disadvantages. Our recommendation would be that if you are interested in promoting info/digital products that can yield very high commissions, then settle with Clickbank. For the marketers that would be better off promoting physical products, then Amazon is the way to go. But hey, why not sign up for both and try them out at the same time? It’s always wise to diversify your portfolio and not put your eggs in one basket.

For those that want to learn how to make a living through Amazon’s affiliate program, check out our Amazon affiliate course.