• 3 Tips For Becoming More Organized

    When your environment is messy it can make you feel the same way. Organization is vital to success as an entrepreneur to maximize productivity and comfort in our workspaces. Follow these 3 tips for becoming more organized to improve your workflow and more.

    3 Tips For Becoming More OrganizedMake A To-Do List

    One of the most basic concepts everyone should be doing is creating to-do lists. These clear your mind of everything you need to do and places them in one location to manage. It’s best if you organize the list by priority. What we mean by this is assure that the most important tasks are done first and the least important later. You can create a to-do list the oldschool way with pen and paper or opt for having it on a computer. Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Notepad, and similar will all serve you well.

    Keep Your Desk Tidy

    Have you ever had a messy room, cleaned it, and instantly felt better? This is a small productivity trick that works and really helps. When your desk, room, and surroundings are organized, you feel organized yourself. Also with documents, invoices, and alike you may have around, it keeps them from being scattered.

    Have All The Necessary Tools

    Preparation is a great skill we all need in business. Before you roll up your sleeves and work, make sure you have all the tools you need. Pens, notepad, laptop, markers, calculator, and the list goes on depending on your tasks. When everything is at your disposal and there’s no searching around when you need something, your workflow will improve quickly.


  • E-Commerce Business Models To Try

    E-commerce is a vast and growing industry. The rise of online shopping has had a quick onset and isn’t going any time soon. More and more businesses are opting to have an e-commerce storefront for good reason. Consumers are quickly preferring to shop from the comfort of their own home and have it delivered to them. Now there are many e-commerce business models that can earn you a great living and boost your business. Here are some you should try if you are interesting in a new venture.

    E-Commerce Business Models To TrySubscription Box

    Subscription Box

    Subscription box services are a relatively new and fun business model. This involves packaging multiple products that are within a certain theme and delivering them to customers once a month. The consumers pay a subscription fee on a monthly basis to receive their box. For example there are subscription boxes for tea, snacks, fashion accessories, grooming products, and more. If you have a neat idea or existing business that could tailor to this, you could have a winner on your hands.


    This is one of the most profitable e-commerce business models that has little risks and investment. Dropshipping works by listing other brands products on your store and selling them to consumers. When a customer purchases from your business, you order through the supplier and they ship it directly to your customer. You are left with the remaining profits and everything is taken care of for you. This leaves you with the responsibility of marketing and customer service. If you want to learn how to earn a living dropshipping, check out our Shopify and Aliexpress dropshipping course that’s available now.


    If you have honed a skill such as web development, copywriting, or anything that is able to be sold, consider selling it as a service. Businesses that sell services can earn high amounts of revenue with consistent clients. Open up a website that details what you can do for others, your pricing, and portfolio. Begin driving traffic and reaching out to prospects to convert them to clients.


  • Why You Need To Start Dropshipping

    If you are interested in a new business venture or looking to create a new stream of income, you need to consider dropshipping. It has quickly become the go-to e-commerce business model, especially for those whom are new to the entrepreneurial world. With the help of the internet, barriers are much lower than they used to be. Getting into business couldn’t be any easier than it is today. Here is why you need to start dropshipping.

    Very Little Costs

    To get started dropshipping you only need $40 or less in some cases. This investment goes towards your subscription fee and domain name. Once you have these, your only other costs will go towards marketing through ads and promotions. You can even market with free strategies such as social media and SEO to keep costs even lower.

    It’s Simple Enough For Anyone

    Dropshipping works by listing a suppliers products and ordering from them when a customer purchases from you. The supplier then ships the order to the consumer and you’re all done. It is really as simple as that. This takes all the work and responsibility of manufacturing, distribution and more out of your hands.

    Great Room For Profits

    Making money is easy with dropshipping, no matter if you’re after full time or side income. Wholesalers always offer discounts which are typically around 40% meaning that’s how much profit you will gain. Even if the margins are slimmer, you are still making money on every sale so it’s a win no matter what.

    You Don’t Need Tons Of Time

    Luckily this business model won’t requirement much of your time either. Once you have your store set up and products ready to sell, you just need to maintain some basic business tasks. These include checking your email, being active on social media, and driving other sources of traffic. This is ideal for those with a 9-5 job as you can do it on the side without issue.

    If you want to learn how to dropship from the pro’s, you need to purchase our dropshipping course we recently released and join our other happy customers. You will learn how to build a profitable online store in a short amount of time and we will guide you along the way.

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  • 3 Tactics For Growing Any Social Media Account

    If you have a blog, website, or business then you require social media. It allows you to connect with your audience, share content, and grow your brand. Social media marketing is a complex subject even though it may seem simple enough. There are many strategies and practices you will need to be aware of to take full advantage of these platforms. Without further ado, here are 3 tactics for growing any social media account.

    Social mediaPosting Frequency

    Have you ever visited a social media profile and noticed they rarely posted or barely did at all? Odds are you didn’t end up following them or had very little interest in doing so. Users on social networks want fresh content to enjoy and share from other accounts so it only makes sense to remain active. You should strive to be posting at least once per day on any chosen platform.

    Follow Other Users

    A great way to gain followers and increase brand awareness can be done by simply following other users. Now that doesn’t sound too hard right? Find an account within your niche and view their followers list. Follow users that have full profiles to ensure they are not bots or old accounts. A healthy amount of them will notice you followed them and will most likely return the deed.

    InstagramOptimization Is Key

    Every social network can be optimized in its own unique way. For example on Pinterest, you should create boards with rich descriptions and names. On Instagram you could include useful information in your bio like a business email, discount code, or business proposals. Educating yourself on each platform and how it can be maximized for potential is recommended for all marketers.

    We hope you enjoyed these three quick tactics on growing any social media account. Post frequently on your accounts, optimize them, and don’t forget to connect with other users.

  • Guide To Marketing On Pinterest

    Almost 30% of online adults currently use Pinterest. That should be enough to motivate you to use this platform for marketing. It is perfect for brands that use lots of imagery such as fashion, health, and beauty. A majority of the users are also female if that tailors to your audience. Lets begin with a few basic practices that you need to implement.

    Guide To Marketing On PinterestCreate & Optimize Boards

    Boards are used to combine content that is of similar ideas and topics. If you are a fashion brand for example, you may have boards for shoes, coats, hats, and accessories. Create a large variety and make sure to include one for you blog to link posts to. Give these boards rich names and descriptions. Use keywords if possible so you are more visible to users that are searching them.

    Pin From Your Website

    If you have the option to pin content from your website you should always do so. The first reason is this creates a valuable link from a well known source. Secondly if a user clicks the photo it will direct them back to the original source which is your website in this case.

    Verify Your Website

    Under your profile settings you are able to enter a website that belongs to you. Once you have verified this, you will have access to Pinterest analytics. This data is useful for monitoring your growth and testing changes. Secondly it places a checkmark next to your name, signifying your the original brand.

    Engagement Is Key

    Just like any other social media platform you need to be engaging to get the most out of it. To accomplish this, begin by following users within your niche. Repin their posts and like them as well. When users see you are an active business, they are more likely to have interest in you.

    If you are new to Pinterest then you ought to be approach marketing with the above strategies. Create boards with rich descriptions and names, engage often, verify your website, and pin from it as well.

  • 5 Tips For Marketing On Instagram

    Instagram is a great platform for driving traffic, increasing brand awareness, and engaging with your customers. It’s especially useful for visual brands in apparel, beauty, and health niches. Like any other social network it has to be approached and used properly for the best results. Here’s our top 5 tips for marketing on Instagram.

    5 Tips For Marketing On Instagram

    Use Hashtags

    Hashtags allow you to reach an unlimited amount of new users with very little effort. You should include at least a few every time you post new content. Instagram has a maximum of 30 hashtags per post and if you really want to, you could use that many. To research good hashtags, use tools such as Websta.me. This services connects your account and generates analytics for you to analyze. You can also search for hashtags and see how many posts there are for each one. Narrow down at least 10 that are related to your niche and aren’t very saturated. Use these every time you post and you’ll see new followers coming in fast.

    Post Every Day

    If you want to grow your account, gain traffic, and have more people exposed to your products, you need to be active. Aim to post at least once a day during the afternoon or early evening. Users tend to be the most active at those times. If you can post more than once per day, you will quicken the results you receive.


    One of the biggest rules of social media is engagement. Your on a social network so it only makes sense to join in on the conversation. Comment and like other users photos, follow accounts, and be a lively brand. People will reciprocate these actions and they may end up converting to a customer in the long run. Build these relationships and you will be rewarded.

    Best Performing Content

    Not all audiences respond the same to every piece of content. As you build your account and portfolio of posts, pay attention to all the responses. How many likes and comments do you get on each one? Is there a certain style that gets more positive attention? If you notice infographics for example get more engagement, post those more.

    80/20 Rule

    Something marketers some times forget is that users don’t go on social media to be advertised to. Don’t make the common mistake of pushing your products and services too hard. This can turn people off and result in you losing followers. Instead opt for the 80/20 rule. 80% of what you post should be interesting and meaningful content. The rest can be regarding what you sell, promotions, and alike.

  • 3 Youtube Channels Every Entrepreneur Needs To Watch

    An entrepreneur that doesn’t learn, doesn’t earn. If you are in business then it is your responsibility to continually gather more knowledge to grow. This can be anything from marketing, sales, psychology, advertising, and everything inbetween. There are endless ways to garner this knowledge whether you read books, watch videos, or have a mentor. With that being said, here is out top 3 Youtube channels every entrepreneur needs to watch.

    Gary Vaynerchuk

    If you haven’t heard of Gary V. then it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock. No name has been getting bigger in the business world than his. He is known for his no BS approach to life, crazy work ethic, and genuineness, and enviable accomplishments. Gary boasts a media agency that serves Fortune 500 companies and award winning books. It should also be mentioned he turned his fathers liquor business from $3 million a year to $60 million a year. It’s safe to say you’ll find some meaningful content and value with his content.

    Til Boadella

    This is a gentleman we have come across recently and we’re glad we did. Tim Boadella has a rich Youtube channel on topics such as dropshipping, Aliexpress, Shopify, and Facebook. If you just so happen to be interested in this subjects you should check him out. His videos are short and straight to the point, providing applicable information without all the extra fluff.

    Tedx Talks

    There’s a good reason Tedx Talks has close to 6 million subscribers on Youtube. This is simply because they bring on some amazing speakers with even more amazing things to teach. You will not only find entrepreneurial related videos but also ones on science, tech, and spirituality. We recommend you give their channel a browse and watch anything that grabs your attention.

    You have a duty as an entrepreneur to educate yourself so you can improve your businesses. Youtube is a great platform to achieve this so don’t miss out on the awesome content they share.

  • 5 Things You Need To Have In Your Office

    Whether you have a home office or work in a cubicle, there are things we all need to stay organized, focused, and to work our best. Include these in your repertoire of office supplies and you’ll notice an increase in productivity.

    5 Things You Need In Your OfficeNotepad

    If you’re like me then you constantly have new ideas and thoughts that should be written down. Many times we forget to or get distracted to by all of our tasks. Having a notepad on your desk is a brilliant way to jot down all of those business ideas, dates, and alike that you need to remember for later.


    Having a to-do list is great but scheduling your time is even better. You should make a schedule of everything you need to do with certain time frames. Some prefer to write everything down in a day planner while others opt for software or tools such as Google Drive. Break down what your daily tasks are hour by hour and make room for breaks as well.

    Water Bottle

    70% of your body is made up of water so it only makes sense to keep a bottle of it handy. When you are hydrated you will feel better physically and mentally. It will allow you to focus more and get work done quicker. It’s a small addition to your office desk that can make a big difference.

    Phone Charger

    Too many times my phone dies before I can find my charger and I’m sure you can relate. When you need to make that conference call or check your email, it’s always good to have your phone at a good battery percentage.

    Light Snacks

    Just like water, you should have some light snacks on hand for when you get the munchies. Foods with healthy fats like nuts are fantastic as they promote brain function. Granola bars, fruit, and vegetables are great choices as well.

    Keep these 5 things on your office desk and you’ll be getting more things done and staying organized.

  • 3 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

    Some say entrepreneurs are born and others claim they are made. Either way every successful entrepreneur has specific traits and characteristics. If you have these then you are blessed. If you do not, there’s nothing stopping you from developing them.

    3 Traits Of Successful EntrepreneursEmotional Intelligence

    Not everyone is gifted with emotional intelligence and strength. Any entrepreneur that has succeeded will tell you that you need to be strong in tough times and willing to persevere. As Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba said, “Today is bad, tomorrow is worse, but the day after is beautiful”. If you can thicken your skin then the problems you face in business will never slow you down or stop you. Experience is the greatest way to gain this. Emotional intelligence also plays into understanding your consumers problems, insecurities and alike. Those with high levels of empathy are made to be entrepreneurs.


    If you are truly set on becoming a successful entrepreneur you must have unhindered determination. Nothing must top you from your path to greatness. Those willing to work every day for long hours, continue learning, and constantly reinvest are guaranteed to win.


    Motivation is what gets you initially started but discipline is key to doing it day in and day out. Without discipline you will not last. This is not something that is easy to develop and takes plenty of time. You must continually do the things you put off and realize it is good for you. Eventually it will be your routine to only be doing productive activities and making time for leisure as a reward.

    These are 3 traits that aspiring entrepreneurs should work on developing to become successful with their projects.

  • Clients How To Land More Clients For Your Business

    If you have a service business such as consulting, web design, or alike then you need clients on a consistent basis to keep your business running. There are many strategies to landing clients and we are giving you our top 3 methods to improving your client list and business.

    ClientsThe Classic – Cold Calling

    Cold calling is the classic strategy for getting your foot in the door for working with clients. It’s popular and recommended for every service business for one sole reason, it works. Cold calling is simple and doesn’t take up much of your time. The first obstacle is to find the numbers of businesses to actually call. Directories such as 411 are a good place to start. Find companies that could benefit from your services, contact them, and offer a free consultation, quote, or your usual process. From there you can work on closing a deal with another call or meeting.

    Cold Emailing

    This is a strategy that gets mixed reactions in the business community. Some veterans are very concrete on believing that you must call potential clients to make a deal. There are many entrepreneurs in the world that strictly rely on email to communicate with prospects and clients. This enables you to have a much faster outreach when you can quickly put together an email citing your experience, case studies, and services.

    Social Media

    You shouldn’t be surprised that social media is on the list. In this day and age, every business and entrepreneur has social media accounts. This makes it simple to narrow in on clients when you can search for keywords, phrases, and more. Message them with a similar one to what you’d send in an email outlining services and benefits.

    These are three ways you can begin landing clients today. Cold calling will always work and cold emailing has good potential. Search for potential clients on social media and engage with them.