Best WordPress Membership Plugins – Make More From Your Website

Want to make more money from your website? Then a membership plugin might just do the trick! These allow you to create member only areas, sell subscriptions, and more within minutes. It’s a simple and easy way to begin monetizing your site. So, we’ve put together a list of the best WordPress membership plugins below. Happy earning!

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

#1 – ARMember


ARMember is an all-in-one solution for for selling subscriptions and memberships. An intuitive setup wizard will guide you through setting up plans, payment gateways, and styling registration forms. If you want to drip content slowly to new members, you can do that easily. Want to partially or fully protect certain content until a user is a member? 100% doable. Get it here for $24.

#2 – Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro

With a 4.4 rating based from 380 reviews, Ultimate Membership Pro is the #1 most used membership plugin available. Protect products, pages, menus, images and more until a user purchases a subscription. They can login through Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks too. Several payment gateways and recurring billing options gives you plenty of versatility. Get it here for $23.

#3 – Private Content Plugin

Private Content Plugin

One of the easiest ways to have a multi-level membership website. Hide content with a warning box, excerpt, and ore to make it just how you want. Every user gets their own private page that you can use to communicate witt them. This is great for community and relationship building. Do you use Visual Composer, Elementor, or Cornerstore? Because it integrates perfectly with them! Get it here for $24.

#4 – WP Membership

WP Membership

Imagine in the click of a button you could transform your WordPress blog into a membership website. Well, you can! WP Membership creates all of the necessary pages, settings, and templates when you install it. Offer subscriptions with upgrade/downgrade options that integrate with PayPal and Stripe. Display pricing tables so users know exactly what they’re getting with each plan. WP Membership also keeps you up to date on your progress with reports and charts. Get it here for $34.

#5 –┬áPaid Content Packages Subscriptions

Paid Content Package

Bundle different pages, posts, categories, tags and more to sell through PayPal subscriptions. This plugin is a lot more than it seams. It comes with a built-in affiliate program manager, discount coupons, and reports. If the content on your website provides tons of value, why not sell it? People will pay a premium for knowledge. You can create different packages that give users various levels of access. Let them choose to be billed daily, weekly, monthly and more. Get it here for $40.

#6 – PrivateContent Bundle Pack

PrivateContent Bundle Back

A fully packed suite that gives you everything you need for a private content website. Features include:

  • Complete user management.
  • Endless restriction options.
  • Time limited and unlimited subscription plans.
  • Trial period for new users.
  • WooCommerce payment gateways and invoicing.
  • Automatic renewal system.
  • Discount codes.
  • Unlimited forms and fields.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Mailchimp.

Get it here for $40.

#7 – WP Private Content Pro

WP Private Content Pro

Simplify the process of creating a membership website with WP Private Content Pro. Restrict specific pages, posts, and more based on user roles that you define. Everything is in your control. Every user gets a private page that you use for private discussions or adding files. Want to grow an email list too? You can integrate Mailchimp and restrict content unless they subscribe. There’s also tons of great looking form designs and themes to choose from. Get it here for $49.

#8 – WPDigiPro


Want to sell courses, e-books or other digital products? Then WPDigiPro is for you. This plugin is so much more than just your average membership plugin. It allows you to create theme, plugin, or hybrid shops. It has built in payment gateways like PayPal and 2Checkout. WPDigiPro works with any WordPress theme so you don’t have to worry about conflicting issues either.

Offer recurring payment options and lock page based on what products customers have purchased or not. All of your sales, products, and other information is neatly organized in graphs for you to read. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, web developer, or wish to sell music, this plugin can do it all. Get it now for $37.

That sums up our list of the best WordPress membership plugins. Do you know another we should to the list? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list.

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