Best Drop Shipping Companies & What They Can Do For You

Before you start selling with your drop shipping business you’ll need some products to list. This can often be the most difficult part for entrepreneurs before launching their store. We’re going to help you find good drop shipping wholesalers no matter what niche you are in. Follow these steps to find them on your own but we’re also going to give you the contact info for some well known suppliers.

Google is Your Friend

The first step you should take is visiting google and digging deep into the search engine. Search for queries such as:

  • Your niche + dropship
  • Your niche + wholesale
  • Your niche + resell

You will definitely be given some results that will be useful. Browse through these various companies and look at their products, pricing, and if it suits your business. If it does, locate their contact information and send a message along the lines of:

Hi, I’m launching a dropshipping business and came across your wholesale page. I believe your products would make a wonderful addition to my store while benefiting us both. How can I begin creating a wholesale account with you?

If you already have your website launched and just needing products, link this to them. It’s wise to have your social media profiles in the signature of your email as well. This shows them that you are a real established business that’s ready to start selling immediately. 

Do this for several different drop ship wholesalers as they may not all reply or work out. Make it a consistent task in your business routine to research and contact suppliers. Over time you will gather a large variety of products you are able to resell.

Drop Ship Supplier List

If you want to jump straight to some wholesalers, we recommend you check out the follow.Dropshipdirect

“Today, Dropship Direct (DSDI INC) is an established provider of 100,000+ wholesale products to more than 50,000 online retailers represented in 46 countries. From our 100,000 square-foot warehouse facility in Saint Joseph, Michigan, we provide customers with inventory storage, pick-and-pack drop ship services, and turnkey e-commerce click-and-mortar management. Our WholesaleFiles marketplace data feed service (SAAS) enables retailers to easily push products into most online sales channels.”

“Gain instant access to over 30,000 name brand products. Sell online for a profit or buy for yourself – up to 75% profit margin. Once you sell a product, our supplier will ship it directly to your customer.Place and track all of your orders right here on”


“Megagoods, Inc is a distributor of consumer electronic and video game items with a specific concentration on drop ship/ fulfillment services. We are dedicated to providing our partners with the tools and services to further expand their business through the utilization of our vast line card comprised of today’s leading brands.

Megagoods, Inc. offers a straight forward approach with a dependable, highly efficient and dedicated team working to meet and supersede the expectations of our partners.”

“We sell wholesale to the public and, with our no fee Drop Ship program, you can list our products on various sites such as eBay and Amazon without the expense of stocking the items at your location. Add our products to your own website using our images and descriptions and start making money today!”

Access over 8,000 genuine wholesale and dropship suppliers of over 2.5 million products at genuine wholesale prices.”


Alibaba is the worlds largest e-commerce platform to date. It empowers tens of millions of businesses and was founded by Jack Ma, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Alibaba connects you with endless amounts of wholesalers for any products imaginable. You can contact them to negotiate prices, logistics, and easily get samples of products to know if they are what you want to sell. You may have heard of Aliexpress which is the business to consumer version of Alibaba. This is one of the best ways to start dropshipping since you don’t need to negotiate or do paperwork. You can find products, list them for a markup and order through the supplier.

“Albany Distributing is the right dropship distributor for your online business. Offer your customers over 42,000+ wholesale products from nearly 600 trusted brand name manufacturers. And, with a 99.88% shipping accuracy, no dropship fees, and the lowest wholesale prices guaranteed, Albany Distributing provides the most reliable and cost-effective wholesale dropshipping option available to increase your online business sales and bottom line.”

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