Best Affiliate WordPress Plugin – Earn More Revenue

Thinking about creating your own affiliate program? It’s an incredible way to start generating more revenue for your business. You could have hundreds of people promoting your brand and products. First you’ll need to start an affiliate program. That is why ahead we put together a nice list of the best affiliate WordPress plugins. Happy earning!

Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates


This has to one of the coolest and most useful affiliate plugins I’ve ever come across. It essentially enables you to turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce store. Here’s the catch. You aren’t dropshipping or holding inventory. It’s all affiliate links.

This plugin will import products, reviews, variations, images and dozens of other modules that you choose. When users add to cart and checkout, it actually takes them to the Amazon checkout. How brilliant is that? You get to have the front end of an e-commerce store with the luxury of earning commissions. No more shipping, inventory, and all of that extra work. Get it now for $42.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Build an army of affiliates with Ultimate Affiliate Pro. This plugin packs the same punch as much more expensive options. Your affiliates will be able to refer their own users which means you get to create a multi level marketing business. Imagine the possibilities. You can be earning money around the clock while others work for you.

Give your affiliate ranks and rewards such as higher commissions for driving more traffic. Create special offers based on products or dates with custom banners you create. In just a few clicks, you can pay your affiliates through PayPal which makes it super simple. Get it now for $39.

WordPress Affiliate & Referral

WordPress affiliate and referral

A simple and cost effective plugin for starting an affiliate program. Just install it, activate PayPal MassPay and you’re good to go! It works with WordPress, Woocommerce, WP e-commerce and any WordPress registration plugin. You’ll get real time reports on your affiliates, unlimited users, and built-in shortcodes. Get it now for $20.

SUMO Affiliates

SUMO Affiliates

A complete affiliate system that works with any Woocommerce compatible theme. If you sell any kind of products, physical or digital and want to make more money, you should get this plugin. Affiliates can apply via a form which you can then accept or decline based on their skill level. This assures you only get the best potential candidates. Other features include:

  • Unique dashboard for affiliates.
  • Multi level marketing to make you more money.
  • Email updates for affiliate actions to keep you in the loop.
  • Pay all of your affiliates instantly with PayPal.

Get it now for $24.

Woocommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin

Multilevel Referral Plugin

Do you use Woocommerce? Then you’ll love this affiliate addon. When users refer other customers, they earn credit points. These add up and can be used on checkout as a discount. Cool, huh? Both you and your users greatly benefit. I wish I would’ve had this when I ran e-commerce stores back in the day!

The developers used a multi level testing system and strict quality assurance to make this plugin perfect. You can set the store credit percentage, expiry dates, exclude products, make monthly limits and more. This plugin will increase your revenue and brand loyalty. Get it now for $25.

Woocomerce eBay Affiliates

There’s no shortage of cool WordPress affiliate programs. That’s for sure. Woocommerce eBay Affiliates will give you an e-commerce store which mass imports products from, you guessed it, eBay. You earn commissions based on the traffic you send and per transaction.

This means you don’t have to worry about payment gateways and all of the hassles of a traditional online store. It’s essentially e-commerce and affiliate marketing mixed together. Import products instantly with filters including best sellers and top rated items.

An automated content spinner will assure that your SEO is intact too. You won’t have to manually change the copy of every description. It’s all done for you.  Get it now for $29.



Have you ever used Envato? I know I have. This plugin comes with a free theme and will turn your website into a money making machine. Bulk import products and filter them exactly how you want. Offer a direct checkout option to make sales even quicker. You will get 30% commission(you read that right) on purchases and initial deposits. If someone adds $100 to their account, you get $30 just that easily. Get it now for $35.

Viral Signup

Viral Signup

Imagine making your website or product go viral. You’d make so much money you wouldn’t be able to handle it. That’s what could happen with Viral Signup. Create signup forms with limited offers to entice users to complete and share it. If you have new products, upcoming book releases or similar on the way, you won’t want to miss out on this affiliate WordPress plugin.

You have the option of four different modes:

  • Simple: A basic opt-in form with confirmation and no page reload for the easiest conversions.
  • Simple + viral sharing: A basic form but with sharing options and referral mechanics.
  • Limited: Create a limited time offer that expire after a certain date.
  • Limited + viral sharing; A limited time offer that users can share for referrals.

Get it now for $19.

Aliexpress Affiliate for Woocommerce

Aliexpress Affiliate Woocommerce

Brilliant. That’s all I have to say about this plugin. Just like the previous eBay and Amazon ones, this will turn your website into an e-commerce store but with Aliexpress products. You can import products in literally one second. Search by categories, price, and other filters to make your store just how you’d like.

A stats module shows you how many times products were added to cart or viewed. Use this data to optimize your store and make more sales. You can embed products right into your content too if you write a lot of blog posts. Get it now for $28.

That sums up our list of the best WordPress affiliate plugins. Do you have any others we should add to this list? Have you used any of these before? Let us know in the comments section.

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