7 Effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Ideas

If you want to drive traffic, sales, leads, and more you will require a proper ecommerce marketing strategy. What we are going to lay out for you is 10 proven strategies for achieving your business goals. These will improve brand awareness, get you more visitors, increase sales among many other benefits. Lets begin.

#1 – Social Media Marketing

Being on social media is a required practice for any modern business. Without doing so you are missing out on free traffic and advertising for your ecommerce store. Sign up for major networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Include a logo as your profile picture, a rich biography, website link and other information. Post all of your articles on these platforms to drive traffic instantly. Also assure you are following other users, commenting, liking, and being an active member of the community.

#2 – Search Engine Optimization

For the long haul you should also implement some SEO practices to your ecommerce business. Over time this will result in higher levels of organic traffic funneling towards your website. You should begin by utilizing tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to center your business and content around specific phrases. Eventually you will rank higher in the search engines for them. Other basic things you can do to improve SEO is generating a sitemap, creating deep navigation, updating content regularly, and generating backlinks.

#3 – Email Marketing

Email marketingOne of the oldest and most effective ecommerce marketing strategies is still done to this day, marketing through email. Platforms such as Shopify, WordPress and others can easily integrate with plugins made to create email campaigns. You will be able to collect emails to build a list which you can then send newsletters to. New products, articles, and promotions are some basic ideas of what you could send to subscribers. It is also keeps your business in general on the mind of these individuals.

#4 – Medium

Medium.com is a free content platform that will expand your audience instantly. Signup for an account and fill out the profile around your business. Every time you write on article on your website(Which you should regularly), post it on Medium. Include most of the article but direct the readers to visit your ecommerce site to finish the rest of it. This is a simple and free way to generate more traffic quickly.

#5 – Slideshare

Another free and proven strategy for marketing your ecommerce business is through sharing slideshows. Slideshare.net just like Medium will take your content, products, or similar and put it infront of a much wider audience. We recommend taking articles you write and transfering them into a slideshow format. You can do this with Google Drive by creating a power point presentation. Once you have done this, upload them with a description and relevant tags. You will see your slideshows getting views in the same day and growing over time.

#6 – Reddit

RedditReddit is the most popular website on the entire internet with sub-communities for any niche imaginable. Visit Reddit.com and find a section of the website related to your ecommerce business. Here you can chime into discussions and mention resources or your expertise. You can also submit links to your articles if they are relevant but make sure to respond to comments or it’ll appear spammy.

#7 – Quora

If you have a lot of knowledge on a single topic then Quora is going to be a great resource for your ecommerce business. It’s essentially a platform that allows for discussion around certain questions that users ask. What you can do is contribute with meaningful information and include links to your websites content. Don’t make your responses centered around your website but rather throw these links in as extra resources.

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